JavaScript Course Notes

These are some notes I took when going through the course JavaScript: Understanding The Weird Parts on Udemy. It’s an excellent course for anyone looking to learn the details of how JavaScript works, just make sure to wait to buy it until Udemy launches one of its flash sales (those sales happen frequently). These notes are really more for myself, and act more as a point of reference should I ever need to look something up, rather than a fully functioning article.

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V-bind a Link With Vue.js

In Vue.js a developer can use curly braces {{ }} to interpolate data from the Vue controller onto their view pages. The problem with the curly braces is that they can only accept output that can be converted to a string. So strings and functions are all good inside these braces, but objects and certain HTML elements are not.

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Javascript and AngularJS

I’ve had this drafted for awhile but I’ve forgotten to post it so here it goes anyways … again. This one’s going to be short, due to focusing on finishing the capstone.

The final two weeks of in-class learning are here. Nothing beats learning a whole new language and framework while you’re trying to finish your capstone project, but here we go. Javascript joins HTML and CSS as being third primary language that can be read by nearly every internet browser across the world. Unlike HTML and CSS it’s a functional programming language that doesn’t just specify working in styles.

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