My Github mostly consists of exercises I’ve been working on while I’ve been learning how to code at ACLTC, there are a few projects on there too though. These are the explanations for each repository. Exercises and Projects are separate, and each are organized alphabetically.


Capstone: Important People

  • Web app that allows a user to keep track of events, gift ideas, and send messages to important people.
  • Technologies used: Rails, MySQL, HTML, and CSS.

The Github Repo can be viewed here.

Tax Relief For John Marshall Law

  • Building a web app with a small team that helps determine if a victim of abuse qualifies for tax relief.
  • Technologies used include Rails, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, and PostgreSQL.

The Github Repo can be viewed here.

The Website Can Be Viewed Here

Volunteer Management for Just A Break

  • Building a volunteer management application for the non-profit organization Just A Break, which allows businesses to donate gifts to cancer facilities, which in turn distribute gifts to cancer patients. The app allows users to keep track of what businesses have been contacted and what gifts are available for facilities to distribute.Technologies used include Rails, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, and PostgreSQL.
  • Technologies used include Rails, HTML/CSS, AngularJS, and PostgreSQL.

The Github Repo can be viewed here.



This app was my first attempt at calling an API. It returns a list of names of Chicago employees. There is no styling.

chicago-employees-app repo


This app calls the City of Chicago’s API for food inspections and returns the names of restaurants, inspection results, inspection grades, and restaurant addresses and location. There is very limited styling.

chicago-food-inspections-app repo


This is an app from the Everyday Rails book, which allows you to practice writing tests using RSpec. Tests in everyday-rails-homemade are for the models, tests in everyday-rails-homemade-factory are tests in the models written using Factory Girl .


force-users-api and force-users-web-client

This is a homemade API that’s called and displayed. It requires two servers to run. Repo’s for both are linked below.

force-users-api repo

force-users-web-client repo

html and css exercises

This is a small collection of HTML and CSS exercises.

html-and-css exercises


My first attempts at working with Javascript in Rails. Inside this application are numerous Javascript exercises.

js-intro-app repo


This app was a class project that focused on working together in small groups of three. The larger project was to build an online resume holding system. Our contribution to this app is linked below.

online-resumes repo


This repo mostly consists of exercises that were done during the first week of ACLTC. Songapp was an exercise that worked on ruby classes. Running the player.rb file runs the whole group of files. The rest are just individual ruby exercises.

ruby_exercises repo


This app calls Yahoo’s Weather API. This was a more difficult API to call due to all the nesting. A user can search for a city and state and find the current weather. There is very limited styling.

weather-from-yahoo-app repo


All exercises in this repo were worked on in week two of ACLTC, with some of them being revisited later on. The employees app has backend functionality and a very limited amount of styling. This is one of the first apps I ever worked on. The products app features a collection of winter products, and a number of filters. A good chunk of the styling is complete, it can be downloaded as a zip.

week_2 repo


All of the exercises in this repo were worked on in week three of ACLTC, with some of them being revisited later on. The cookbook app isn’t entirely complete, it’s the basic layout for adding recipes and other related info to a cookbook. The migration app was created strictly for the purpose of practicing database migrations – ie removing, adding, and changing database fields. Params security app was a practice project on mostly using url params to break into a website.

week_3 repo


All of the exercises in this repo were worked on in week six of ACLTC. The individual files along with the todo-app were created simply to learn about test driven development. RSpec tests for various models can be found in the spec folder.

week_6 repo


The people_app was my first experience working with AngularJS, it’s an app that just keeps track of people, there is very little styling. The todo_app was also built with AngularJS, it keeps track of todo lists and reviews, again there is very little styling. The chrome extension I built checks the speed of a website.

week_9 repo


All of these exercises were assigned to our ACLTC class as problems to work on over the weekend. The problems are all in ruby.

weekend_work repo