Javascript and AngularJS

I’ve had this drafted for awhile but I’ve forgotten to post it so here it goes anyways … again. This one’s going to be short, due to focusing on finishing the capstone.

The final two weeks of in-class learning are here. Nothing beats learning a whole new language and framework while you’re trying to finish your capstone project, but here we go. Javascript joins HTML and CSS as being third primary language that can be read by nearly every internet browser across the world. Unlike HTML and CSS it’s a functional programming language that doesn’t just specify working in styles.

In order to incorporate Javascript into our apps, we first had to learn about the DOM (document object model). The DOM is a language convention that specifies how HTML is supposed to work with objects. Using the conventions here, it’s possible to call Javascript functions into your HTML, making your webpages more dynamic and fluid … at least that’s what Javascript’s supposed to do.

Javascript, the language itself, has a lot of strange quirks. The values it returns aren’t always typical of some programming languages, and it also can keep running if there are errors in the script. The syntax uses a lot semi-colons and mustache brackets (these things {}). It didn’t take much practice to understand why the language was only developed in ten days.

AngularJS is a front-end framework that’s Javascript based and is primarily used to create single page websites. We learned how to install Angular into a Rails app, essentially teaching us how to work a framework within a framework. We also learned how to set up an MVC environment so that we could work backend logic into the app as well.


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