“Hello World”

It seems “Hello World” is a good starting point to begin a website that’s dedicated to computer programming. Although I’m certainly beyond writing my first program, I’ve still got quite a journey ahead of me.

At the beginning of 2016 I joined the Anyone Can Learn To Code Bootcamp in Chicago. Before that I completed three weeks of pre-work. And before that I’d been self-teaching myself Ruby and Python – even having some degrees of success doing so.

The first week of class has ended. We have a cohort name – Effingham Railroad Company – named after a misfortunately named town that one of our cohort members is from. We have a class that’s not only dedicated to learning web development but is also dedicated to supporting each other through our myriad of Ruby error messages. And we have some knowledgable, and most importantly patient, instructors that tell us to:



… or at the very least that message is at the heart of what they’re telling us when we’re not getting our code to work.

It was not my idea to start this blog, it’s a mandatory requirement for the bootcamp I’m in. Although it’s not my idea, it’s one I endorse and certainly have no problem getting behind.

So what’s the point of this website besides to please our bootcamp instructors?

To document the bootcamp journey. To share my learning experience with the world. And to provide an archive of all of the programming projects I’m working on.

So what did I learn in my first week of bootcamp?

I learned how to set up Git and configure it to Github, which turned out to be a really frustrating process. Once done though, saving to Github and keeping a nice backup of all my work made it all worth it. I learned how to use a lot of simple ruby methods like .pop and .flatten – very convenient. I improved on my knowledge of how to use loops especially when iterating through arrays, hashes, hashes within arrays, and arrays within hashes, which after many painstaking efforts, turned out to be a lot simpler than how I was trying to do it. Classes and constructors make a lot more sense now, and the possibilities there seem endless. Object Oriented Programming on the other hand still seems daunting.

With the pre-work and first week of class behind me, and a day to sort out the clutter of bountiful amounts of coding knowledge that my brain has had to absorb, it’s time to get back to learning more Ruby.



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